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From Burbank on April 30, Democrat Director Peter O’Fallon,
Republican actor Lance Frank, California school teacher Virginia
Hill and Jim Gilchrist, founder of The Minuteman Project,
discussed illegal immigration, violence in California schools and
Hollywood’s impact on morality.

From New York City on June 4, Republican activist Rob Arnold
and Democratic strategist Hank Sheinkopf discussed Hillary
Clinton and Rudolph Giuliani’s presidential aspirations.

From Worcester, Massachusetts, on July 16, WTAG talk show
host Jordan Levy, Ronal Madnick of the ACLU, Professor David
Schaefer of Holy Cross, Michael Warshaw, Editor of Worcester
magazine and WTAG News Director Hank Stolz discussed Iraq,
the war on terrorism, gay marriage and the presidential
aspirations of Governor Mitt Romney.

Bruce Du Mont and guests at WTAG-Worcester.

From Knoxville, Tennessee, on October 22, Republican
researcher Mary Ann Carter, Tennessee Democratic State
Chairman Bob Tupe, WNOX talk show host Hallerin Hilton Hill
and Michael Fitzgerald of the Howard Baker Center discussed
Iraq, the war on terror, Tennessee politics and the Corker-Ford
US Senate race and its impact on the national elections.


From Burbank on March 13, columnist James Hirsen of Newsmax
magazine, entertainment reporter Ross Crystal of KFWB and gay
talk show host Harrison of Sirius Radio discussed cultural values
and the Hollywood Left.

From Burbank on May 8, Republican strategist Arnold Steinberg,
Democratic consultant Larry Grisolano and investigative journalist
John Doherty, author of Illegals, discussed illegal immigration and
its impact on California politics.

From New York on May 15, Jerome Corsi, author of Atomic Iran,
Brian Anderson, author of South Park Conservatives: The Revolt
Against Liberal Media Bias and reporter John Nichols, co-founder
of Free Press, discussed the growing threat of Iran and the
growth of the conservative movement.

From Burbank on July 10, Republic strategist Arnold Steinberg,
Robert Pape, author of Dying to Win: The Strategic Logic of
Suicide Terrorism, and David Rapoport, Editor of the journal
Terrorism and Political Violence discussed the war on terror.

From Spokane, Washington on July 24, Republican Sean Cross,
Democrat Tom Robinson and reporter Jim Camden of The
Spokane Review, discussed Washington state politics and
Spokane’s mayoral sex scandal.


From Burlington, Iowa, on January 18, Burlington Mayor Mark
Edwards, former Mayor Jeff Heland and former Secretary of State
Elaine Baxter, local activist David Cole and talk show host Steve
Hexom of KBUR previewed the Iowa Democratic Caucus.

Bruce visits the candidate's lair in Burlington, IA.

Bruce and his guests at KBUR radio in
Burlington, IA.

Bruce behind the microphone with his guests.

Bruce behind the wheel of a tractor in Iowa.

From Burbank on March 28, Democrat Larry Grisolano,
Republican Carol Platt Liebau and Political Analyst Sherry
Bebitch Jeffe of KNBC/Los Angeles discussed the California
perspective on national politics.

From Boston on May 16, WRKO talk show host Scott Miller, anti
gay marriage activist Brian Camenker, lesbians Chris Finn and M.
J. Knoll and WTAG/Wooster, MA afternoon anchor Karianne
Rodriquez discussed gay marriage on the eve of legal gay
marriage in Massachusetts.

From Boston on July 25, on the eve of the Democratic National
Convention, Bruce welcomed Anne Compton, White House
Correspondent for ABC News, CNN Political Analyst Bill
Schneider, columnist John Nichols of The Nation, reporter Brian
Mooney of The Boston Globe, Josh Green of 20/20 Democrats,
Massachusetts political activist Barry Lawton, Paul Krawzak of the
Copley News Service and Republican strategist Rich Galen from
the studios of Emerson College.

From New York City on August 29, on the eve of the Republican
National Convention, Bruce welcomed Phyllis Schlafly of the
Eagle Forum, conservative media guru Richard Vigeurie,
syndicated columnist Linda Chavez, Log Cabin Republican Brian
O’Leary Bennett, Eric Hoplin of The College Republican National
Committee and liberal columnist Sidney Blumenthal of Salon.Com
from the studios of WOR Radio.

From Youngstown, Ohio, on September 5, Democratic
Congressman Tim Ryan, State Senator Mark Dann, Republicans
David Johnson and Mark Monroe, analysts Burton De Sousa of
The Vindicator and Bill Benning of Youngstown State, and Ron
Verb of WKBN Radio explored Ohio politics and its impact on the
national elections.

From the campus of Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on
October 10
, Republican Bill Randle, Democrat Mark Cebulski and
Carthage Professor Jerry Mast, Young Republican Matt

Bruce and="2" guests at Carthage College
in Kenosha, Wisconsin. This was Beyond the Beltway's
first remote both live on the radio and taped for television,
airing less than three hours later.

Augustine and Young Democrat Kim Phillips, Democrats Lydia
Spottswood and Robert Goldsmith and Professor Art Cyr explored
Wisconsin politics and its impact on the national elections.

From Kansas City on October 17, KCMO talk show host George
Wood, Republican Dwight Sutherland, Democratic Woody
Overton, KMBC-TV Political Reporter Mike Mahoney and
Professor Burdette Loomis of Kansas University explored
Missouri politics and its impact on the national elections.

From Los Angeles on November 14, Republicans Carol Pratt
Liebau and Brian Bennett, Democrat Joseph Cerrell and Leo
Wolinsky of the Los Angeles Times discussed the California
perspective on the recent election.

From New York on November 21, Conservative commentator Carl
Limbacher, Langston Morris, author of The War on America,
Robert Spector, author of Category Killers, and Greg David of
Crain’s New York were all phone guests in a special formatted


From New York City on May 18, journalist Lucia Moses (Associate Editor of Editor & Publisher magazine), media researcher Joe Lenski (Co-founder and Executive Vice President of Edison Media Research) and Journalism Professor Jonathan Sanders of Columbia University discussed media and politics.

From Burbank on July 13, Democrat Bob Mulholland, Republican Allan Hoffenblum and Leo Wolinsky of the Los Angeles Times offered their national perspective with a California slant.

From Burbank on July 20, Democrat Joe Cerrell, Republican
Carol Platt Liebau and James Hirsen, author of Tales from the
Left Coast, talked about Hollywood’s impact on national politics
and illegal immigration.


Salt Lake City, UT for the 2002 Winter Olympics.

From Salt Lake City on February 17, Governor Michael Leavitt (R-UT), Congressman Jim Matheson (D-UT), talkshow host Dan Bammas and Gayle Rosicka of the Eagle Forum discussed Mormonism, Utah's image and if the Olympics would change perceptions about the State.


From Stockholm, Sweden on September 16, Bruce examined reaction to the September 11 attacks featuring Dr. Wayne Magnuson, a European terrorism expert, with Professors Gahda Talhami of Lake Forest College and Art Cyr of Carthage College offering commentary from Chicago.

Paying tribute to September 11 victims in Stockholm at the US Embassy just before a remote broadcast from Sweden.

From New York, New York, on May 20, 2001, Republican consultant Joseph Mercurio, Democrat consultant Hank Shienkopf and former CNN news executive turned author Reese Schoenfeld discussed the Bush Presidency and the state of television political reporting.

From August 13 to August 17, Bruce covered the 2000 Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles.  Guests included: Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA), Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-IL), Steve Roberts of ABC Radio News and Secretary of Transportation Rodney Slater.

Outside KLBJ/Austin for first show of Campaign 2000.

A little sun bathing before the start of the 2000 Democratic Convention in Los Angeles.

Al Gore Campaign Manager Bill Daley and Washington Gov. Gary Locke at the 2000 Democratic National Convention.

Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. in Los Angeles for the 2000 Democratic National Convention.

From July 30 to August 4, Bruce covered the 2000 Republican National Convention in Philadelphia.  A myriad of guests joined Bruce behind the microphone including former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, Senator Pete Domenici (R-NM), as well as author/commedian Al Franken and ABC's Sam Donaldson.

From New York City, on May 21, political consultants Joe Mercurio and Hank Sheinkopf as well as New York Magazine's Mike Tomasky joined Bruce in taking a bite out of New York's U.S. Senate race on the specific weekend that Mayor Rudy Giuliani dropped out and Rep. Rick Lazio picked up the GOP flag in the race against Democrat Hillary Clinton.

From Los Angeles, CA on March 5, political analyst Sherry Bebich-Jaffe; political consultant Allen Hoffenblum and KMEX-TV (Noticias 34) political reporter Rosa Maria Villalpando joined Bruce in a discussion of the upcoming California Primary and the new role and power of the Hispanic vote in California and the nation.

From Grand Rapids, MI on February 20, during BTB's first hour Jack Naudi, an editorial page writer at the Grand Rapids Press newspaper; Glenn Barkan, a professor of political science at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids; and Terri Land, the Republican Clerk of Kent County discussed the importance of the GOP Primary in Michigan on February 22. During the second hour Bruce was joined in studio by Senator John McCain's national press secretary, Howard Opinsky and Michigan's Republican Governor John Engler, a Governor George W. Bush supporter by phone from Detroit. Gov. Engler had spent the day campaigning with the Texas governor. Mr. Opinsky joined us after just being in attendance at a McCain political rally in Grand Rapids from which WZZM-TV political reporter Peter Ross had given us a live report during BTB's first hour.

From Charleston, South Carolina on February 13, John Kuzenski, professor of political science at The Citadel; Lt. Gov. Bob Peeler, a George W. Bush supporter; and Cindy Mosteller, vice-chair of the GOP of Charleston Co. discussed the issues facing the Republican front-runners in the South Carolina GOP Primary during BTB's first hour. In our second hour, Ms. Mosteller was joined by Jimmy Stuckey the chairman of the Democratic party of Charleston County and Frank Wooten, associate editor of the Charleston Post & Courier newspaper. They along with Bruce discussed the changes occurring in South Carolina and its impact on voters and elections.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrinch on the eve of the 2002 Republican Convention in Philadelphia.


Sam Donaldson Of ABC News in the BTB remote trailer at the 2000 GOP Convention in Philadelphia.


From Dover, New Hampshire on January 16, Bill Cahill a Senator John McCain supporter and former member of the state's Governor's Council; Rep. Charles Bass (NH-2nd District), a Governor George W. Bush supporter; Joe Keefe, a Vice-President Al Gore supporter and former chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party; and State Senator Mark Fernald (D-Sharon, NH), a Bill Bradley supporter discussed key issues facing the front-running candidates in the New Hampshire Primary. Bruce was joined in questioning the guests by John Breen, political editor of the Foster daily Democrat Newspaper. The program featured taped interviews with Vice President Al Gore and GOP candidate Alan Keys.

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From New York City on May 16, 1999, Robert Giles of The Freedom Forum, columnist Michael Tomasky of New York magazine and Nicholas Varschaver, Senior Editor of Brill's Content, discussed media responsibility, the glorification of violence in the media, Kosovo coverage and the verdict in the Jenny Jones trial.

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Congressman J.C. Watts of Oklahoma at the 1999 Straw Poll in Ames, Iowa.


From Birmingham, Alabama on December 27, Michael Sznajderman, The Birmingham News, Larry Langford, Mayor of Fairfield, AL, Mike Royer, NBC News Anchor discussed the impeachment of President Clinton and the upcoming Senate Impeachment Trial among other issues.

From Austin, Texas on December 6, Bill Miller, Republican Strategist Mark Caesar, Morning Host, KLBJ Radio, Molly Beth Malcolm, Chair of the Texas Democratic Party talked about the potential impeachment hearing of President Clinton, the possibility of Texas Governor George Bush running in 2000, and the continuing saga of Monica Lewinsky.

From Seattle, Washington on October 18, George Bakan, Senior Editor and Publisher of Seattle Gay News, Michael Medved, Conservative Talk Show Host, and Cathy Allen, Campaign Connection President and owner of Campaign connection discussed the brutal murder of the young gay man in Wyoming, the potential impeachment of President Clinton, and the upcoming elections.

Speaker Dennis Hasert on the set in Chicago.

From New York City, NY on Sunday May 10, 1998, Ron Nessen, Former Press Secretary to Gerald Ford, Ed Bark, Television Critic for the Dallas Morning News, Tish Durkin, Political Writer for The New York Observer, and Phil Lentz, Political Reporter for Crain's New York, discussed numerous topics ranging from the L.A. Freeway Suicide, President Clinton vs. Ken Starr and the political climate in New York City.

From Greenville, SC on March 29, Russ Cassell and Ralph Bristol, personalities from WORD-AM, Perry Eichor, Dir. of Dept. of Community Services, Doug Dent, Field Organizer for Gov. Ernest Holling's U.S. Senate campaign in 1966, Dr. Charles Dunn, Thurmond Professor of Political Science at Clemson University, and Johnnie Fulton, Chairperson of the Greenville County Democratic Party discuss The President's trip to Africa, the future of our children, "Paula, Kathleen & Monica," and the future of the President.

From Monterey/Santa Cruz, CA on January 25, Eric Scheck, talk show host for KOMY, Charlie Friedman, member of the Republican Central Committee for Santa Cruz County, and Rebecca Anderson, self-described "Soccer Mom," and professional writer on sports, discussed the President and the freshly released news of his alleged relationship with intern Monica Lewinsky.

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From Albuquerque on December 7, 1997, Ray Sena, New Mexico Democratic Party Chairman, John Dendahl, New Mexico Republican Party Chairman, talk show host Larry Ahrens for KOB, teacher Pat Brennan and New Mexico Hispanic leader Juan Jose Pena discussed national issues and their impact on New Mexico.

From Cooperstown, New York, on August 3rd, Gary Miller of ESPN's Baseball Tonight, former White Sox lefthander Billy Pierce, and Bill Bartholomay, Chairman of the Atlanta Braves and Vice President of Turner Broadcast System, discussed the state of baseball and heroes in America "live" from the Baseball Hall of Fame.

From San Diego on June 22nd, House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Lynne Harper, talk show host for KOGO/San Diego, and Larry Remer, Democratic political strategist, talked about the future of the Republican Party and immigration issues.

From New York on May 11th, Phil Lenz, political reporter for Crain's New York Business, Jacqueline Salit, Editor of The Patriot News, and Curtis Sliwa, founder of the Guardian Angels, talked about crime, the media and New York politics.

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From Los Angeles, on October 13, 1996, pollster Pat Reddy, political consultant Allen Hoffenblum and analyst Sherry Bebich-Jaffe assessed the California political landscape and allegations of CIA cocaine trafficking.
From Youngstown, Ohio on September 29th, Rep. James Traficant, Jr.(D-OH), Mahoning County Republican Chairman Bo Prichard, Union Leader Nick Nichols, college student Jonathan Pentecost, reporter Bertram DeSusa of The Vindicator and talk show host Dan Ryan discussed economic anxiety, US trade policies and 104th Congress.

From Kansas City, Missouri on September 16, Mayor Emanuel Cleaver II, Kansas State Representative Phill Kline of Shawnee and Steve Kraske, political reporter for The Kansas City Star explored the causes of America's drug epidemic and government efforts to stem the tide. The differing values and concerns of suburban and urban voters were also explored.
From Santa Fe, on September 8th, former New Mexico Governor Tony Anaya, Kathy Zacher of the Chamber of Commerce, Green Party U.S. Senate candidate Abraham Gutmann, Minister Bill Redmond and arts activist Dottie Indyke discussed cultural and moral values and Hispanic voting patterns.

Republican Presidential nominee Sen. Bob Dole, Congressman Henry Hyde and columnist Ellen Warren of the Chicago Tribune in San Diego for the 1996 Republican National Convention.


Newsweek columnist Elinor Clift, Donald Rumsfield and Sen. John McCain in San Diego in 1996.


From San Diego, on August 11th, Bob Dole's first and only exclusive broadcast interview was done live on Beyond the Beltway. Other guests included Representative Henry Hyde, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee; Arizona Senator John McCain; Donald Rumsfeld, Chief Policy Advisor to the Dole for President Campaign; Anne Stone, Founder of Republicans for Choice; nationally syndicated columnist Eleanor Clift; Ellen Warren, columnist for the Chicago Tribune and Herb Klein, Editor-in-Chief of Copley Newspapers.

From Washington, D.C., on June 23rd, former White House Chief of Staff Ken Duberstein, Kevin Sabo, Chief Counsel of the House Committee on Government Reform and Oversight, CNN Political Analyst William Schneider and Billy Dale, former Director of the White House Travel Office, discussed charges of White House mishandling of confidential FBI files.

From New York City, on May 5th, DuMont led a discussion of media fairness with Steve Rendell, analyst of Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, New York media critic Edwin Diamond, WABC talk show host Curtis Sliwa and Lawrence McGill, Research Director of the Freedom Forum's survey of public perceptions concerning media fairness.

From Hanover, New Hampshire, on February 18th, he travelled to Dartmouth College to test political sentiment in New Hampshire and reported on the Buchanan surge in the Granite State.

From Iowa City, Iowa, on February 11th, DuMont interviewed students at the University of Iowa about Hawkeye state issues and interviewed the state's leading pollster, who predicted a close Dole/Buchanan race.

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From Ames, Iowa, on August 20, 1995, he interviewed Iowa Republicans and students at Iowa State University, following the State Republican Straw Poll that stunned Senator Bob Dole.

From Dallas on August 13th, Beyond the Beltway offered the first national response to the Ross Perot issues convention, featuring Republican, Democrat and United We Stand representatives.
From Sacramento, on July 30th, DuMont examined Pete Wilson's presidential prospects with national campaign chairman Craig Fuller, California Democratic strategist Bob Mulholland, and John Jacobs of the Sacramento Bee.

From Boston, on June 11th, he reported on his weekend in New Hampshire covering Speaker Newt Gingrich's first visit to the "Granite State." The program, which originated from WRKO, the 50,000 watt New England powerhouse, offered listeners the first opportunity to respond to the historic meeting earlier in the day between President Clinton and the Speaker.

From Manchester, New Hampshire, on February 19th, the program originated from the site of the first gathering of Republican Presidential candidates. Lamar Alexander, Arlen Specter, Patrick Buchanan, Robert Dornan, Alan Keyes and Lynn Martin all shared their vision for the future of the country with callers across America.

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From San Diego on October 9th, the program examined the illegal immigration issue and its impact on the hotly-contested race for the U.S. Senate in California. DuMont witnessed the problem first hand during a Saturday night tour-of-duty with the U.S. Border Patrol.

From Spokane, Washington, on September 18th, the program featured a live Presidential address from the Oval Office and the first national reaction to President Clinton's decision to send troops to Haiti. The program also examined the political vulnerability of House Speaker Tom Foley and included an interview with the city's police chief, who had attended the White House signing of the Crime Bill despite opposing the bill's ban of assault weapons. A police ride-along brought DuMont face-to-face with Spokane's crack cocaine and domestic violence problem. A trip to rural Wallace, Idaho, discovered growing mistrust of the FBI.

From Youngstown, Ohio, on Labor Day weekend, September 4th, the program explored the city's economic devastation following the mine closures of the mid-70s and the growing lack of job security in America.
From Kansas City, Missouri, on July 24th, guests debated health care reform following the President's and Vice President's visit to Independence, Missouri, and the Harry S Truman Library the day before. DuMont was there at the scene to see and hear the President, as well as the angry crowd of demonstrators who challenged the Health Care Express bus caravan.

From Boston for the National Governor's Conference on July 17th, the program featured Governors Terry Branstad (R-Iowa), Mel Carnahan (D-Missouri), Bruce King (D-New Mexico), as well as an examination of Ted Kennedy's political future on the 25th anniversary of the Chappaquiddick incident.

From Washington, DC, on May 22nd, the bitter political/media climate in the city was discussed by a panel of reporters, including CNN's William Schneider and bureau chiefs for the Chicago Tribune, Sun-Times and St. Louis Post Dispatch.

From New York City on May 15th, the program featured a discussion of media bias with media critics Jonathan Alter of Newsweek, Edwin Diamond of New York Magazine, and Nancy Woodhull of The Freedom Forum. Also, fear of street crime in New York was explored following DuM















































































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